$50 a week on groceries

So quick back story…I’m surprised at how much people spend on groceries.  I try to keep our budget under $50 a week.  I’ve been trying to make lists of what we buy and eat but it doesn’t usually work.  I’m going to try again and post it here.  

I’m big on; cook a meal, have one night/lunch of leftovers, then make it into something else if you have extra.  I go shopping typically every Monday night so my food week starts on Tuesdays.  

After going through my fridge, this will be our meal plan for the rest of this week.


Steak & eggs


Fish chowder


Blueberry oatmeal


Chicken soup


Sausage & eggs

Fish chowder

Going out to dinner

So I will look through what we have left on Monday and make the plan for the rest of the week.

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